Continuous commitment made by individuals and firms to achieve sustained competitive advantages and profitable growth through professional sales and marketing.

A firm dedicated to profitable growth achieved through sales and marketing.

Top performance in sales through rigorous implementation of scientifically proven standards and best practices.

Targeted growth based on unique combinations of core competencies and market opportunities.

Handling a company’s most important customers right.

Putting customers at the center of a firm’s activities with the aim of surpassing their expectations.

Professional leadership and motivation of employees, especially the sales team.



Sales Drive is the decisive factor for competitiveness and growth in B2B transactions.


We support the development and successful implementation of customer-centric growth strategies for managers in B2B firms and other high-stakes sales environments.

We specialize in strategy, sales, marketing, and leadership.

We inspire innovations and new concepts in professional market development that catalyze corporate change.

We offer expertise and consulting around topics such as Sales Driven Growth Strategies, Sales Driven Company, Key/Global Account Management, Value Selling, Lean Selling, CRM und Sales Excellence, Online Marketing and Lead Management, Sales Driven Leadership, and more.

We partner with management and employees to address these topics through seminars and coaching.


Sales Driven Company: How does a firm become a Sales Driven Company, a true sales and growth-oriented enterprise? Using seven management elements and our own assessment tool, we can determine how “Sales Driven” a firm is already and how it could advance even further. Based on the identified areas of development and level of complexity, we create a 3-6 month project that includes workshops, seminars, and coaching. The project usually involves executive management, sales management, and the sales department and may also involve customer-service functions.

Many companies lack professional strategies. Following our concept, we identify a firm’s growth generators in four main areas, especially in sales. Based on the results, we work with executive management, middle management, and selected stakeholders to create customer-centric growth strategies that provide guidelines for departmental strategies. These projects typically take 2-3 months.

The concept of Key Account Management (KAM) has been around for 30 years. Yet many firms are still in the beginning phases of implementation or desire substantial optimization of current KAM approaches. Our work draws on the St. Gallen KAM Concept, jointly developed by Prof. Dirk Zupancic with St. Gallen colleagues Prof. Christian Belz and Dr. Markus Müllner. This tool evaluates and optimizes existing KAM approaches. We provide optimal structure and realization during the (re-)introduction of KAM. Our collaboration with executive and middle management plays an important role in this process, but the true focus is on the key account managers.

Today’s firms often position themselves as the solution provider to a customer’s problem. Beyond products and core services, firms develop additional services as part of a full-service solution. Value Selling takes it further. Here the point is to perceive, conceptualize, and sell your own services strictly in terms of creating value for the customer. Newer approaches, such as Challenger Sales, go considerably further. The provider offers a challenge to the customer’s existing business model and collaborates with the customer on new development. Value Selling and Challenger Sales demand a lot from the sales team. Typical projects include seminars or longer-term courses for the sales staff, account managers, key account managers, and back office. But management must also be prepared for new challenges and higher standards, and we address these points through seminars and coaching.

Personal selling using a sales staff is the most expensive channel to reach customers. It only pays off for transactions that require considerable interaction but remain profitable. In all other instances, narrow channel solutions are required, and these include functions like the back office, call centers, inside sales, and online shops. Professional and successful Lean Selling does not depend solely on the channel; it also depends on argumentation, customer service, and the configuration of the Customer Journey. Work on this aspect is primarily conceptual and content-based. We offer workshops for customer-centered employees, possibly pulling in customers as well. Lean Selling projects usually take 3-6 months.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategic approach to systematic analysis and optimal design of all strategies and interactive processes involving customers. Sales Excellence seeks to achieve top performance in all relevant aspects of these strategies and processes. One major support for these undertakings is the selection, acquisition, and implementation of CRM software. But that’s not all. We prefer to tackle CRM and Sales Excellence in a coordinated fashion. Projects of this sort are complex and involve customers as well as sales and service staff, among others. The success of such projects, which normally take a year or longer, depends on complete support and active participation of executive management.

Customer acquisition is a fundamental building block in every growth strategy. However, customers are increasingly reluctant to be approached by firms in more traditional ways, such as trade fairs or direct marketing. On top of that, everyone – including the professional decision-makers in B2B transactions – spends a great deal of time on the internet. A promising avenue for acquiring new customers capitalizes on generating new leads through professional online marketing and shepherding those leads into existing sales channels. These projects involve various stakeholders within the firm as well as external service providers, such as ad agencies. Depending on the existing level of internet activities, initial results in small projects can emerge within 2-3 months.

Doing leadership right while doing it well is a challenge. That’s especially true for the sales area. Good salespeople are rarely naturally good at leadership. Anyone who takes on a leadership role in sales – or hopes to do so – should be well prepared for the task. Good leadership can be learned! Not simply in seminars, but in a combination of seminars, coaching and direct experience. In sales it’s especially important to find the right balance of ambitious growth goals and a certain amount of pressure along with providing quality leadership in the form of mentoring employees. We call it Sales Driven Leadership, and we design concepts at the firm and individual level to develop true leaders in sales and marketing.

Vision and Mission are elements of a corporation’s strategic planning process. Its not enough to phrase some good sounding marketing claims. Vision and Mission are very valuable for leadership and positioning of the company. In 2 – 3 days we are able to develop together with our customers effective Visions, Missions and Goals that, of course, also sound good.

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Our concepts are based on research conducted by the University of St. Gallen and other renowned business schools. This knowledge is combined with our practical experience working with many firms and organizations to build our core competency around the Sales Drive concept. We use our core competency to plan projects that are effective and efficient. Effective, because our approach is goal-oriented and focused. Efficient, because we work as systematically and compactly as possible to make optimal use of our clients’ resources and employees.

Generally, all projects include interviews, workshops, seminars, conceptualizations, coaching, etc. We make use of modern methods for conceptualization and creative processes, such as Canvas, Rapid Prototyping, Design Thinking, Sketching, and Future Workshops.

We provide our services for the most part as a package deal with a clearly defined budget. Because our know-how plays a central role in all our approaches, we do not calculate fees according to day rates.


Success in practice

Our highest priority in our projects is success for our clients “on the ground” in practice.


We define success based on healthy, profitable growth as well as customer and employee satisfaction.

Customer focus

Our client’s customer is at the center of our concepts; our own clients are at the center of our projects.


Our methods and concepts are grounded in academic research and have been tested in the real world. They are supported by findings of the University of St. Gallen and other leading business schools.


We pay attention to the needs of the employees and the history of the firms we serve.


In our projects we aim for the biggest possible impact with the most efficient use of resources.



The University of St. Gallen is a world leader among business schools. Our founder, Prof. Dirk Zupancic, is an adjunct professor at the University of St. Gallen and a regular instructor in executive education in management there. He advises students on the applied aspects of their projects within the Integration Seminar and also advises bachelor’s and master’s theses.

SGMI Management Institut

SGMI is a leading private business school within German-speaking Europe. Prof. Dirk Zupancic directs the Center for Sales Excellence and also teaches in SGMI’s management programs.

Club 55

An association of leading marketing and sales experts from German-speaking Europe, Club 55 is one-of-a-kind the world over. Through our participation, we maintain a tight network with leading consultants, speakers, and trainers.


Precire Technologies is an innovation leader in speech analysis technologies. The product of the same name decodes written and spoken language and provides fascinating insight into the interplay of personality, communication and behavior. We are excited about this new form of analysis and development of managers and professional staff. We incorporate Precire routinely in our projects.

XLNC Leadership
Diagnostic ltd.

Business success is a matter of good leadership. A manager with a broad repertoire in leadership styles has a more positive impact on the corporate climate and therefore on the success of the firm. XLNC provides a Tool Set with powerful means of developing an effective leadership culture. We make regular use of XLNC tools in our projects.

Speakers Excellence

Speakers Excellence is a leading agency for speakers and events in the German-speaking area. With a staff of 40 in four countries (D-A-CH-IT) at six locations, the firm is a strong partner for us. For many years now, Prof. Dirk Zupancic has ranked among Germany’s top 100 speakers.

Best Speakers

Best Speakers is active across Germany as an innovative developer and provider of new forms of training and professional development programs targeted at managers, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs. In addition to booking top speakers, the Best Speakers agency is known for providing optimal event planning and serves in this capacity as a strong partner for us.


DZP Prof. Dr. Dirk Zupancic Projects GmbH
Prof. Dr. Dirk Zupancic

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Prof. Dr. Dirk Zupancic

Dirk Zupancic [tsu-PAN-tsis] founded DZP under the full name of DZP Dirk Zupancic & Partners in 2005 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. At the time, he was a lecturer and area head for Business to Business Marketing at the University of St. Gallen. At the start of 2017, he renamed the business DZP Prof. Dr. Dirk Zupancic Projects GmbH.

Dirk Zupancic is a passionate promoter of performance, professionalism, and responsibility in market-oriented corporate management. His mission is inspiring, designing, and implementing Sales Drive in organizations. Sales Drive, i.e., sales and market orientation and professionalism, is the crucial factor in growth and competitiveness for B2B firms and other firms in high-stakes sales environments.

Dirk Zupancic has been a successful teacher, researcher, and consultant for many years. His credo: Sales and marketing will determine business success in the future and should be closely interconnected with corporate strategy. He takes managers and entrepreneurs to the next level where they can outperform the competition and convince customers to choose their company’s products and services.

Dirk Zupancic comes from the renowned University of St. Gallen (HSG). Following undergraduate studies in business administration at the eminent Philipps University in Marburg, doctoral studies, and thirteen years as an area head including lectureship and professorship at St. Gallen, he spent eight highly successful years as president and CEO of a private German business school. At the same time he held a professorship in Industrial Marketing & Sales, which he continues to hold. At the University of St. Gallen he serves as an adjunct professor. Early in his career, he was trained as a banker and became an officer in the German Air Force Reserve. For a number of years he was equity partner in a consulting and private equity firm in Zurich. His clients include global players such as ABB, BASF, Bayer, Eon, Grundfos, Lanxess, ThyssenKrupp, Würth as well as many family-owned firms and SMEs. He is the author of well received books: Excellence in Key Account Management, Verkaufen von Profi zu Profi (Selling from One Pro to Another), Marketing und Vertrieb in einer neuen Welt (Marketing and Sales in a New World), among others. He serves as co-editor of the journal Marketing Review St. Gallen and as columnist for the Sales Management Review. He’s active on all relevant social media platforms in discussions of his areas of interest. He serves on the supervisory board for GEZE and on the advisory boards of numerous SMEs.

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